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Almost Home Coalition

Decreasing euthanasia and caring for the animals in our area has always been our primary goal. We feel that to achieve our goal we need to focus on completing The Almost Home Project and expanding our programs that address animal welfare problems in
Lewis County. We have teamed up with The Cat’s Meow of Lewis County and Kitty Kat Haven to expand and strengthen the support and services we can offer the residents of Lewis County. While we have been known in the community in the past 6 years as “Friends of Lewis County Animal Shelter” or “FOLCAS”, we will be moving away from using those names and will begin using “The Almost Home Coalition” to reflect the partnerships with other organizations working toward the same goal of improving animal welfare in Lewis County. Together we can feed the animals which will allow pet owners to keep their pets during a tough time, keeping them out the animal shelter. We can get them fixed, decreasing the animal population and euthanasia. And we can find them homes. Only by increasing adoptions and decreasing the births are we truly going to make a difference.  
We will continue to promote animals waiting for adoption at Lewis County Animal Shelter, educate our community about the volunteer opportunities available to them and will always strive to put the needs of the animals first. We will also continue to work with The Lewis County Division of Emergency Management to provide emergency preparedness and community support for pets and their owners during a disaster or emergency as we did during the catastrophic flood that devastated our area in 2007.

While the focus of our fundraising is changing The Almost Home Coalition moves into the New Year ready to face the challenges ahead of us but with always the same goal in mind - the welfare of the animals in Lewis County.  
Sincerely, The Almost Home Coalition  

We are 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making the lives of animals in Lewis County better. We act as advocates for animals, large and small by increasing adoption, educating the community on responsible pet ownershp, promoting spay/neuter for pets & leading disaster response and planning.  We are an all volunteer organization located in Chehalis, Washington with volunteers coming from throughout the state. We appreciate you visiting our website and hope you can join us in helping the animals of Lewis County


Spay/Neuter is the only sure way to decrease the number of unwanted pets that have to be euthanized every year.
Lewis County residents:
Please call Pet Connection at 360-748-
6236 to schedule your low cost spay/neuter today.
We also work with The Cat's Meow of Lewis County to provide free spay/neuter for feral cats, help with TNR (trap-neuter-release) and low cost spay/neuter. For more information about the Cat's Meow, please call Twila at
For information on our fix-a-pit program, please e-mail

The Almost Home Project

Building a no- kill pet adoption center has always been our goal, but ultimately we need to educate our community on the benefits of spaying and neutering their animals. Only by decreasing the numbers will we truly make a difference. With the building of the low cost spay and neuter clinic we will be able to practice what we preach. We will be able to target animal populations that would otherwise
never be taken to a vet to be spayed or neutered. One adoption center is not going to end euthanasia. It might delay it. It might even increase the number of adoptions. But ultimately, people need to have their pets spayed and neutered so the number of unwanted pets decreases. Saving one animal may not make a huge difference in the world but it makes a huge world of difference to that one animal.

It's getting closer! Our design for The Almost Home Project, our low cost spay/neuter clinic and no-kill pet adoption center will show that it is possible to build responsibly within a flood plain. We plan on building the building up, not the land & incorporating lots of "green" features that are environmentally friendly. 

Some businesses who have already generously agreed to donate some of their time are Markthor MacFarlane of Arch-Eco Design (who has now been hired as our project supervisor), RB Engineering, Bluhm & Associates Land Surveying & The Lewis County Master Builder's Association  If you would like to help with this project, or would like to make a donation,please e-mail or call Patty at 360-508-0151


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