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Feral Cats

Of the approximately 3,000 animals taken to the Lewis County Animal Shelter each year, between 1,000 and 1,100 are euthanized. About 99 percent of those are cats, many of them feral. The only sure way to decrease pet overpopulation ant the euthanasia that results from it is to have your pets spayed or neutered and TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) the ferals and hard strays. Please be responsible - there aren't enough homes for them all.


The Cat’s Meow of Lewis County assists with trapping through the loan of traps, cages and carriers. People borrowing equipment will be trained in their proper use. Help with trapping is available for elderly or physically disabled individuals within 30 miles of Centralia. Gas cards and donations to help with fuel expenses are greatly appreciated.


The Cat’s Meow of Lewis County transports cats to The Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project in Lynnwood where low cost spay/neuter is performed by licensed vets.



Feral/ free roaming cats who receive an ear tip are fixed for FREE

Tame cats who receive a tattoo (no ear tip) are $15 for males and $25 for females



Rabies – free for ferals receiving ear tip/$5 for tame

Distemper vaccine $5

Flea treatment $5


A suggested donation of $10 per cat is requested to cover fuel and expenses related to transporting cats to Lynnwood. While the spay or neuter may be free, getting them there is not.


The Cat’s Meow of Lewis County is located in Centralia. They can be e-mailed at or called at 360-623-0820. Please call with any questions or to book your cats.

The Cats Meow of Lewis County
Twila Collins
ph - 360-623-0820
1311 Oxford Ave, Centralia, WA 98532

Come on people, let's spay and neuter before every female cat in Lewis County is pregnant. I've got lots of room for the February 20th and 26th spay/neuter clinics. After that it will be much harder to get appointments. Spaying just one female will prevent more than a dozen kittens from being born in just one year. This is sooo important. We can all rescue and adopt out kittens until we're blue in the face....but there are simply not enough homes to take them all. Be part of the today. 360-623-0820

Kat's Rescue
Kathy Byrd

Low cost Spay/neuter
Pet Connection

Free use of traps is available from the Lewis County Animal Shelter. Please call 360-740-1290 for more information.
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