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Kitty Kat Haven Pet Pantry


In these tough economic times we want to reach out to pet owners who are most at risk of having to give up their pets. Lewis County has many senior citizens living on a fixed income as well as community members who are unemployed, under employed or temporarily facing tough times. They are all in great need of the unconditional love our furry family members give us. Kitty Kat Haven’s “Pet Pantry” program is a community-based program dedicated to helping Lewis County residents who are struggling with the choice of providing for their own necessities or purchasing food for their pets. Families in our community who fall on hard times should not be forced to give up a beloved domestic pet because they cannot afford food.
             Since many people own both dogs & cats, this program will offer food for both.  The “Pet Pantry” program is a way people can help out without having to make a significant financial or time commitment. Your donations will make it possible for Kitty Kat Haven to help keep animals out of animal shelters & in their homes with the people who have always loved & cared for them.

Donations of food and cash are now being taken for the Pet Pantry Program:
itty Kat Haven Pet Pantry - PO Box 306 - Chehalis, WA 98532
Phone: 360-304-1457
or find us on Facebook:
Kitty Kat Haven

Food donations may also be dropped off during business hours at
 Kaija’s Garden and Pet in Chehalis

Teaming up to help pet owners provide for their pets during tough times – Almost Home Coalition (AHC)

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